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Trekkers 3s

The 2s & 3s classes begin right away with seven key areas of social and academic development. We concentrate on growing the vocabulary for articulating sensory observations, thoughts, questions, and feelings. We typically have two classrooms for this age group, a 2s class, and a 3s class, but at this time we do not have a 2s class available. Please see our admissions page for more information regarding enrollment for these ages.

Instructive play is at the heart of our curriculum for our students. With carefully-planned, teacher-directed activities, students build vocabulary and reinforce natural number awareness. During Share Time, we bolster the connection between home and school as children are encouraged to bring in meaningful objects from home to talk about. Dramatic play areas deepen an environmental understanding and further develop these skills in a more spontaneous way.

The California Preschool Framework cites language as “one of the most crucial tools that children acquire” because of its power in “cognitive development, reading achievement, social relations, and overall school performance.” At New Song, we embrace this power and celebrate our connection with words. Daily circle time offers exposure to classic and inspiring stories, as well as beginning phonological awareness, letter recognition, and reading readiness. Rhymes and word play (opposites, synonyms, homonyms) increase fluency and build vocabulary. Students at all levels practice proper pencil grip and connect to words and sounds through Zoophonics.

Children get an introduction to numbers and number concepts and practice writing numbers 1-10. Math exploration happens with tools such as calculators, scales, tape measures, and cash registers to build a confident love of numbers. Through block play, we emphasize mathematical reasoning skills like sorting, patterning, geometry, shapes, spatial awareness, and counting. We enjoy how much this subject connects to different learning styles, where we can use manipulates for early counting and number sense, as well as repeat rhymes to learn number formation.

This is one of our favorite subjects at New Song! Showing children things that behave in unexpected ways starts the inquiry process. As early as possible, we introduce them to the tools and language of science, encouraging them to use their senses to explore the natural world. We plant seeds and watch them grow, do an insect discovery lab, and even conduct experiments.

At New Song, we use Spanish as a tool for preparing students for the future. Immersion and repetition, numbers 1 to 10, body parts, days of the week, colors, songs and poems all happen during circle time. Not only does this increase linguistic capacity later in the school years, but we believe it opens doors for children to speak and connect to the greater world.

All preschool classes enjoy music throughout the curriculum. With seasonal and topical songs, children learn to match pitch with voices and keep a steady beat with their bodies or instruments. Students also learn vocabulary and music skills with comparison, such as fast/slow, loud/soft, etc.

We believe beautiful objects enrich both mind and heart, so we introduce children to great artists with our projects; Mondrian and Kandinsky are some of our favorites. We incorporate drawing, painting, and pasting to help students sharpen their fine motor skills.

Social skills during preschool are directly connected to academic and spiritual growth in children. New Song encourages taking turns, sharing with others, gratitude, and kindness. There is a special emphasis on vocabulary development so that they can verbally communicate thoughts and emotions.