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Trekkers Schedule

We recognize that children thrive in recognizable routine, but we’re flexible: Our teachers are also in tune with the dynamic rhythm of the class. For a peek into our day, see the sample schedules below.

Daily Schedule


8:00-9:00      Choice Time

9:00-9:30      Literacy/Math Centers

9:30-9:50      Choice Time Puzzles/Blocks/books

9:50-10:15    Art

10:15-10:30   Wash Hands restroom

10:30-10:50   Snack

10:50-11:00   Classroom clean up

11:00-11:30   Recess (Soccer Shots on Fridays)

11:30-11:50   Circle Time: Calendar, songs, reading

11:50-12:00   Wash hands, restroom

12:00-12:20   Lunch

12:20-12:45   Recess

12:45-1:00    Transition to nap time/Shoes, restroom

1:00-1:30       Movie Time

1:30-3:00      Nap Time

3:00-3:30      Transition/clean up/restroom

3:30-4:00      Snack

4:00-4:30      Bilingual circle time/cooking/gardening

4:30-6:00      Recess/preschool skills/open ended art